How to transform your Image & develop Presence

Moving from making an impression to making an Impact! (online, offline & on camera)

In this detailed video session, you'll learn how to do all of the following:

- How to show up in your arena & shine unapologetically: A breakdown on understanding your value & expertise from the inside out
- Speaking up & Out as an experienced Authority: How to develop a signature look & sound that will catch and keep people's attention
- How to stand out without losing your authenticity: Developing your specific It factor over X Factor

 *** You'll also learn some of the signature methods I use to train my students how to transform their image, inside of the Confidence that Converts program!***


Hosted by:Candace Sheppard, The Imaging Artist
Creator of the Confidence that Converts Course & Program


Candace has dedicated herself to teaching creatives to build their personal & or professional brands based on
their unique skills & talents. Her goal is to demonstrate how having this distinct edge (their unique "Diamond like shine")
can help them earn income, consistently, online & off.