Building Confidence that Converts on Camera

The art of learning how to share, serve & sell like a pro on & offline to upgrade your brand & business Image!


- How to develop Presence | The official breakdown of how to create conversation confidently with your audience & clients, no matter whether you are live or being recorded for future content & marketing efforts.

- How to Use your Image to Imprint your Audience |
The key to really making an impact your audience and or clients can connect with that gives them incentive to support and or invest in you and what you're doing. 

- How to move through your Production: So you can consistently produce with organized systems that allow you to perform, on camera & off, consistently.

Overwhelmed with making the best decisions about where to begin or refine your process so you can upgrade to the next level? This will give you action steps that eliminate overthinking, overwhelm & overworking. All that come from trying to make an impact without understanding what you need as a foundation that supports the fundamentals you implement over time! 

As you're learning with me in the masterclass, you will discover how you can implement several of the unique methods I employ inside of the Confidence that Converts Program. You'll also discover how you can work with me to elevate & enhance your current approach to building your creative business!

 Hosted by: Candace Sheppard, Imaging Artist
Creator of the Confidence that Converts Course & Program

Candace, a 13 year serial entrepreneur & educator, is dedicated to teaching multi-passionate creative women to build their personal life and professional business based on their unique skills & talents. For the past 10 years her goal has been to demonstrate how creatives can use their distinct edge (your unique "Diamond like shine") to help them earn income, confidently & consistently. All in many ways that cannot be imitated and elevate them as an authority in their industry.