How to establish & build your brand uniquely

with ALL of your multiple passions, clear purpose & confidence!

In this detailed video session, you'll learn how to do all of the following:

 - How to shift your brand from generic to specific: Creating a brand that is as unique as your thumbprint and is in alignment with your name. The difference between volume and experience...

- Setting (or resetting) yourself as a FRESH new industry standard:
Becoming THE standard that sets you apart, attracts your ideal clients & redefines your industry

- How to use a fashionable formula to measure up: The method that, like measuring tape, makes sure you're executing great design that fits in your content, services & products

 You'll also see some of my signature methods taught inside of the Confidence that Converts program with my students!

Hosted by: Candace Sheppard, The Imaging Artist
Creator of the Confidence that Converts Course & Program


Candace has dedicated herself to teaching creatives to build their personal & or professional brands based on
their unique skills & talents. Her goal is to demonstrate how having this distinct edge (their unique "Diamond like shine")
can help them earn income, consistently, online & off.